WonderArts is dedicated to fostering an inclusive, supportive and employee-centered work environment where employees are valued, recognized and celebrated for their diverse talents and perspectives. Forgoing the traditional 9-5 framework in favor of a 3/4 time commitment for most employees, WonderArts staff are trusted and allowed the freedom to manage their own schedules with flexible in-office and remote work hours to maintain a real work/life balance. Instead of a top-down hierarchical structure, WonderArts takes a more progressive approach to leadership with a round-table style of discussion based decision-making and a checks-and-balances system of accountability and consultancy through collaboration. 

Our team is innovative, motivated and ambitious. Driven by a desire to support each other and our community, we take complex challenges head on and work together to build solutions and implement a collective vision.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity. All employment is decided on the basis of qualifications, merit and business need.

See below for opportunities to join us.

School Program Coordinator

Job Description

The School Program Coordinator is responsible for the effective implementation of WonderArts in- and after-school programming. This position coordinates and facilitates all WonderArts in- and after-school enrichment classes, including staffing, communications with school partners, ensuring required data is collected and reported to WonderArts staff, and managing supply inventory. Programs developed should be ‘child-centered’ and not feel like a continuation of the school day. Current WonderArts school programs include preschool classes at 6 sites, after-school classes at 11 sites, and in-school residencies at 4 sites as well as winter and spring school vacation camps and summer camps.


Reporting to the Program Director and Business Manager, the School Program Coordinator position is an exempt half-time or three-quarter time salaried position, with the ability to follow the academic year (August - May) or work year round. The School Program Coordinator is based at our Greensboro office and supports off-site activities at schools and other facilities. There will be observation hours and occasional teaching at school sites. The School Program Coordinator may also select to work at the WonderArts summer camp.

Key Duties & Responsibilities

  • Establish good working relationships and collaborative arrangements with schools, instructors and community groups.

  • Maintain clear communication between specialized instructors and school site coordinators to create high quality school enrichment programming.  

  • Observe all in- and after-school programs at least 1 time per session (3-4 sessions/school year) to check on instructor performance, student engagement and program fulfillment.

  • During observations, the School Program Coordinator is also responsible for photography of programs to be used in promotional materials.

  • Write contracts for both instructors and schools for each program and session ensuring all are aWonderArtsre of what is happening when.

  • Obtain signed photo/media release forms, in alignment with school policies, from each school site for each session.

  • Collect pertinent data for each site as required for metrics and evaluations.

  • In accordance with school policies, guide new instructors through mandatory background check and fingerprint procedure which is time sensitive.

  • Lead new instructors through a brief tutorial/introduction to programs, expectations, and program values.

  • Work with WonderArts team to develop vision and strategy for future of school enrichment programming

  • Maintain and expand network of instructors available for contracts. Formalize payment structures for instructors.

  • Promote programs through social media, blog posts, and updates coordinated with the Program Director. Reference/celebrate funders of these programs as needed.

  • Work with regional organizations to coordinate partnerships.

  • Plan, organize, and facilitate two vacation camps.

  • Research different ideas for new programs or possibilities within the communities where WonderArts school programs are running.

  • Maintain regular communication with Program Director regarding program performance.

  • Ensure supplies and materials are clean, organized and well-maintained and that inventory is sufficient for program utilization.

  • Monitor instructor use of WonderArts materials and borrowed supplies.

  • Maintain after school class schedule internally (on the shared Google calendar).

  • Submit receipts for purchases to the Business Manager.

  • Ensure that program expenses are within the annual budget. Additional expenses must be approved by the Executive Director.

  • Be willing and able to lead classes as necessary or if specialized instructors are absent or unwell.

  • Develop curriculum as needed.

  • Prepare and submit bi-weekly time sheets.


  • Preferred: BA/BS in education, child development, the arts, or related field

  • Fun-loving person who enjoys working with children of all ages and backgrounds

  • Required - Ability to pass a background check and fingerprinting

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Problem solving and logistical skills

  • Ability to work in a highly collaborative environment

  • Strong time management and ability to effectively coordinate schedules

  • Experience or desire to create engaging, creative programs that challenge run-of-the-mill after-school model

  • Lifelong learner who provides positive role model

  • Must have reliable vehicle transportation to observe classes at a variety of school locations

  • Must have flexibility in schedule to attend/observe after-school classes (3pm - 5pm)

  • Interest in or desire to learn more about artistic processes and recreational activities to be able to coordinate classes within those topics

  • Basic computer skills including Google Drive and use of spreadsheets to track evaluation metrics and data within the WonderArts system

  • CPR/First Aid certification required every two years

Applicants should have relatable prior experience(s) to ensure success. This could be a minimum of 2 years combined work experience within an administrative, educational, or supervisory role; significant time spent working with kids in a camp, daycare, or after school environment; and/or a college degree in a related field, such as education, arts, recreation, humanities, administration, business, etc.

How to Apply

Please send a cover letter and resume to jobs@wonderartsvt.org

Community Class Instructor

Do you have a skill or two and a desire to share your knowledge with others?

WonderArts facilitates a variety of adult and family-friendly community classes throughout Craftsbury, Greensboro and the greater Hardwick area. These classes emphasize whole-body wellness by providing opportunities for creative expression and experiential learning. Community Class Instructors are responsible for planning and implementing their own curriculum.

Some previous examples of Community Classes include:

  • painting and drawing

  • basketry

  • ceramics

  • indigo-dyeing

  • printmaking

  • book making

  • mosaics

  • clothes mending

  • making mozzarella

  • DIY firecider

  • oil infusions and salve making


Please contact Skye Livingston at skye@wonderartsvt.org

In- or After- School Instructor

Do you have a passion for teaching kids through experiential education and the arts? 

WonderArts reaches kids in pre-k classes and after-school programs at multiple elementary schools in the greater Hardwick area. These fun and engaging classes emphasize whole-body wellness by providing necessary creative, healthy, or outdoor enrichment. Students are introduced to new materials, skills and ideas while developing their abilities to problem solve, make things or get active!


Reporting to the Executive Director and Program Coordinator, Instructors are responsible for planning and implementing their own curriculum, including teaching lessons, facilitating activities, and bringing their own materials for classes.  


Instructor positions are contract-specific positions available at a part time level. Instructors are independent contractors who submit an invoice for services and receive a 1099 at the end of the year. Instructors run off-site activities at schools and community venues. Instructors are eligible for mileage reimbursement. This position is for 1.5 - 5 hours a week, depending upon availability and schedule. Multiple contracted positions are available. Current schools include Lakeview Elementary, Hardwick Elementary, Craftsbury Academy, Wolcott Elementary, Woodbury Elementary and Albany Community School. Current pre-k sites include Albany Headstart, Hardwick Headstart, Craftsbury Pre-K, Saplings Community Care Center and 4 Seasons of Early Learning.


Experience working with kids in education, human services, private and/or after-school and/or summer camp instruction

BA/BS preferred (but not required) in education, child development, dance/music/arts/theater or related field 

Background check and fingerprinting required

How to Apply

Have an idea for a class you'd like to teach? We are always accepting proposals for future classes! Please reach out to Skye Livingston with your proposal and a resume. 

Americorps VISTA

The Spark Education & Outreach Coordinator VISTA has a significant role in developing, coordinating, and building youth programming, mentorship opportunities, and volunteer systems. The VISTA builds relationships within the community and supports staff and Spark Crew members in collecting data, identifying community needs, and building systems to address these needs. There are 3 major activities that this role supports: entrepreneurship opportunities for students, technical assistance and tutoring for students outside of schools, and collaborating with schools and community partners to create opportunities for students to engage in expanded learning opportunities that connect with their personalized learning plans. In addition, the VISTA has the opportunity to develop programs and events, evaluate systems, and engage 1-on-1 with students and adults.

This position has been filled for 2018 - 2019.