WonderArts Programming


Lifelong Learning

We support lifelong learning in our communities; through the A.R.T.S: art, recreation, technology and sustainability. Our school programs range from preschool to high school, and our myriad of community programs and classes reach participants of all age ranges. No matter the topic, our classes focus on whole-body wellbeing and emphasize creativity, exploration, active learning, and connection to the natural world. Programming for all ages is at the foundation of our organization and our greatest tool to help build and strengthen our community.


Cultivating Vibrancy

We are dedicated to cultivating vibrancy in our communities through connection, learning, access and opportunities. In a rural area mostly devoid of true “third places,” our programs provide a space for people to come together outside of their homes and workplaces and see old and new faces. By subsidizing all of our programs through grant and funding and general donations, these classes and events are made available and accessible to all members of our community regardless of income.