About WonderArts

We envision a vibrant and sustainable community that is supportive of the arts, education, and culture. We envision a community that has a strong sense of place and is active with varied outlets for recreation. We envision an integrated and multi-generational community that is welcoming to families and kids and where our elderly are able to age with dignity. We envision a community and a world where the wisdom needed to bridge barriers, and change lives for the better, begins with a sense of wonder.

Today, WonderArts brings people from diverse cultural, social, and economic backgrounds together through programming, enrichment, events, and community initiatives, for all ages (from zero to a hundred). Our work especially focuses on supporting the most vulnerable members of our community through programs that foster self-confidence, connection, community partnerships, and wellbeing. We are excited to share with you how our programs, opportunities, and initiatives continue to grow and serve the communities of Craftsbury, Greensboro, and the Northeast Kingdom.

As we look to the future, we are energized by the possibilities. Upcoming programs include free community meals and events, development of a creative incubator space to drive the local creative economy, preschool workshops, in-school programs, teen support, professional development for artists, and more.

Come join in our work, play, and dreams for today and the future!