I believe that the arts and culture are what make life colorful and alive. Growing up in rural Vermont I was fortunate to have a family that identified my interest in the arts and made an effort, despite access and finances to bring me to museums, sign me up for classes, and connect me to local artists. Their persistence to foster my individual interests has shaped my life and career. Today, I live and work in the same community I grew up in. Many children and youth here are not as lucky as I was. There are high rates of poverty, trauma, and limited affordable access to cultural activities and the arts. This has made me dedicated to providing cultural experiences for others, in this rural setting, because I believe that the arts are a part of social change. The arts enable us to connect, reflect, inspire, and thrive. The arts and culture are important because fundamentally they encourage self-confidence, problem-solving, positive connection, active learning, and well-being. The fundamental ingredients to enable us to build a better world.
— Ceilidh Galloway - Kane, Executive Director

ceilidh galloway-kane
Executive director

WonderArts welcomed Ceilidh as Executive Director in August 2017. Ceilidh joined the WonderArts team in December 2016 as Program & Development Director, while concurrently serving as executive director of The Art House, which she joined in 2015. After the merger of The Art House and Wonder & Wisdom, she served as co-director of the 2017 Summer Journeys Camp Program. 

Ceilidh's creativity and tenacity continues to inspire dynamic programming for individuals of all ages. An artist herself, she is a true advocate for creativity and arts education in our communities throughout the state. 

A native of East Hardwick, Ceilidh is a 2011 graduate of Smith College. She majored in Art History and Museum Education, while also leading tours, developing educational materials, and installing exhibitions for the Smith College Botanic Garden and Museum of Art. 

Ceilidh's lifelong interest in arts advocacy and education has guided her career path with nonprofits including The Children's Museum and Theater of Maine, Open Space Studios, and Catamount Arts. 

Additionally, Ceilidh serves on the Hazen School Board and on a variety of steering committees. Ceilidh is currently attending an Executive Arts Strategies certificate program at UPenn. 


carol Fairbank
Business Manager

Carol joined WonderArts in September 2017 as Business Manager. She spent the last two decades working in business operations and management, with a focus on corporate culture, innovation, and employee experience. She began her education and early career in digital and print design, and brings a lifelong love of art, and creative thinking to her role. Carol has dedicated much time to serving non-profits either as a board member or volunteering in the field. She has a passion for projects that empower communities, and her work has made an impact in the areas of community connectedness, inclusion and diversity, economic growth, and ecological sustainability. She lives with her family on a small farm in the hills of Greensboro, and enjoys practicing and teaching the homesteading arts.


skye livingston
program coordinator

Skye started in September 2017, bringing a background in arts administration, teaching, and various creative endeavors to the WonderArts team. An advocate for lifelong learning, Skye passionately believes in providing programs that are equitable for all and strives to make the arts fun and accessible. In her free time she can be found in her studio, hiking with her partner and dog, or making a mess in the kitchen.


KATharine ingram
program coordinator

Katharine joined WonderArts along with NEK Kids on the Move in September 2018. An avid gardener, skier, and hiker, Katharine spends as much time as possible outdoors with her family.

Kim WonderArts Bio Photo.jpg

Kim Wojnar
School Program Coordinator

Kim will be joining WonderArts in August 2019 as the School Program Coordinator. Since childhood, Kim has been enchanted with the natural world. After earning a degree in wildlife management, she enjoyed working as a wildlife biologist’s assistant, camp counselor, farmhand, and an environmental educator. Kim believes that volunteerism is an essential part of strong community. As a result, she can be found shelving books at the library, cleaning kennels at the animal shelter or stocking groceries at the general store. She spends her leisure time conquering great adventures with her son or in the company of a good book.


Jake Lester
Americorps VISTA

Jake joined the WonderArts team in August 2018 for a year of service with the Spark project. He is excited to help the spark community grow around the sharing of ideas, resources, and knowledge. Jake graduated from Colby College in 2018 and is excited to explore the Northeast Kingdom and pursue his passion for photography and the outdoors.


Anne Hanson

Anne Hanson has worked with children outdoors for 20+ years. When she’s not leading the preschool and nature themed camps during the WonderArts Summer Journeys Camp, she serves as Preschool Teacher Prior at the Craftsbury Elementary School. Anne developed and directed the Porter Brook Environmental Center’s summer nature camps programs at Highland Lodge for many years, and worked for nature and environmental ed centers around the country. One of Anne's greatest joys is helping children connect to the wonders of our outdoor world.

Anne lives in Craftsbury village with her husband Eric, a wildlife biologist, and their son Anders who attends Craftsbury Academy. She grew up in East Hardwick and has a B.A. in English and Environmental Studies from Williams College. Anne is a long time community volunteer including 15+ years of work with the Four Winds Nature Program.


Naomi Ranz-Schleifer
Board President

Naomi grew up in Greensboro and started her WonderArts journey as a Summer Journeys Guide during college. She is excited to continue working with the organization on the board where she shares her dedication to engaging kids and communities through creativity and her vision for an active community. She is a media producer and strategy consultant who focuses on interactive media projects and social impact initiatives that engage audiences through compelling storytelling, film, and other creative methods. Naomi has diverse experiences in program development and evaluation and is trained in motivational interviewing. She has a Masters of Public Health in Health Behavior and Health Education from the University of Michigan and Bachelors degrees from Johns Hopkins University in International Relations and Biology.  Naomi is an enthusiastic traveler, avid photographer, swimmer, and tennis player, imaginative baker, heuristic gardener, eclectic crafter, and social convener who enjoys inspiring and engaging individuals, communities, and people to live happy lives.


Havilah Stewart-Mann
Board Treasurer

Havilah is an accounting and finance expert with more than 15 years of experience working in business management. She specializes in helping both corporate and non-profit enterprises establish accounting infrastructure and formulate successful long-term strategies. A veteran of Arthur Anderson, the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, Wellness in the Schools, and a champion of small businesses, her diverse experiences and interests convey prudence, insight, and imagination to the uncommon challenges facing evolving organizations. She has a BS and MA in Accounting from the University of Denver. During the school year, Havilah lives in New York City with her husband and two sons. She is a wellness fanatic and avid supporter of the arts. Summers find her paddle-boarding on Caspian Lake, hiking up up Barr Hill, and enjoying all Greensboro has to offer.


Monique Beaudry

Monique grew up in the Northeast Kingdom and received her Bachelors in Environmental Science, with a minor in Photography, from Simmons College.  She returned to Vermont and spent 15 years developing her managerial skills with Starbucks Coffee Company.  After she and her husband built their forever home, in Craftsbury, Monique knew she wanted to work closer to home and be a part of the local community. She now works for the Cellars at Jasper Hill, in Greensboro, as Human Resource Manager.  Monique loves spending time with her husband and two young daughters, being creative, exploring the outdoors, and enjoying their extended family.


Alain McMurtrie

Alain is a sales and marketing executive with a passion for technology who has worked in organizations ranging from startups to mature companies, including divisions of Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania, Merrill Lynch, and Dragon Systems.  He holds a BA in Economics from Brandeis University. First introduced to Greensboro in the late 1980s, Alain regularly returned to the area, drawn by its natural beauty and welcoming community.  Many aspects of the Northeast Kingdom remind him of Normandy, where he spent summers growing up. Alain, his wife, and two children put down part-time roots in Greensboro in 2009. They subsequently moved here full-time following six years of weekend and summer commutes from the Boston-area. A passion for quality regional food, outdoor activities, and weekend trips through Vermont and Québec, keep Alain and family busy in their spare time.


Chip Troiano

Chip has lived in Stannard since 1972. He studied photography at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and social science at Lyndon State College. Chip is married to Regina Troiano and has one daughter, Amy. Chip has been employed as an Investigator for the Law Firm of Willey and Power in St. Johnsbury, Vermont and has been doing criminal investigations for over 30 years. He has been an instructor of forensic photography and sentencing options for the Vermont Defender General. Chip has served as Chair of the Board of Listers and Town Moderator for the Town of Stannard for the past 40 years and a Justice of the Peace for the past 25 years. He is past president of the Board of Directors for Northeast Kingdom Youth Services, organizer of the second Diversion Board in the State of Vermont. Chip served a combat tour in Vietnam, serving as an Infantryman and a helicopter door gunner. Chip has been involved in veterans issues over the years, lecturing at local high schools and colleges, church groups and veterans' organizations. In 2007-2008 Chip traveled to Vietnam working on the production and appearing in a documentary film recording the journey back to Vietnam by himself and other veterans. He currently serves as Representative for Caledonia-2.


Richard Bennum

Richard has been providing medical imaging services to Northern Vermont since 1984, practicing Diagnostic Radiology with his group at Copley Hospital in Morrisville and Northeast VT Regional Hospital in St. Johnsbury. In his practice, monitoring the health of Vermonters, he is constantly reminded of the health care challenges in our communities and the ways they intersect with behavioral and lifestyle challenges. He sees the arts and outdoor recreation as positive forces for people in our communities, and wants to support these activities through WonderArts.  

Richard is an amateur landscape and portrait painter who is always trying to find time to spend in his studio. He is a a dedicated athlete and fitness advocate who loves to run, hike, bike on roads and trails, and ski in Nordic, Alpine, or backcountry mode. He tries to get outdoors for at least a part of every day and loves to share these times with friends and family.


Riva Reynolds
Advisory Board

Riva is a Seattle native who fell in love with Vermont and a maple syrup farmer when she went to graduate school at the University of Vermont. Part of a sugaring family for 10 years, she manages the online farm business and occasionally plays in the sugarwoods. Riva's two children attend the Craftsbury schools. She and her husband are committed to helping build and maintain vibrant educational opportunities in the area. Her personal art interests tend toward the literary and culinary. She believes that all kinds of art in public places and in everyday life make everyone happier.