PreK Classes


Targeted programming for kids ages 2 - 5 emphasizes exploration, movement development and trying new things. Instructors use movement, songs as a tool for communication, expression and engagement to encourage children to develop fine and gross motor, social, emotional, and cognitive skills. This program is funded by the Promise Community grant and runs at the Albany Headstart, Craftsbury Pre-School, Craftsbury Saplings, Four Seasons of Early Learning Center, and Hardwick Headstart.

After School Classes


WonderArts is constantly developing new classes to complement and enhance the lives of our students. Fostering creativity, curiosity, innovation and imagination with an emphasis on exploratory learning, our workshops are specially designed to build confidence, positive communication, critical thinking and a lifelong interest in a wide variety of areas including visual arts, culinary, music, performance, technology, engineering, and science. We currently offer classes through the REACH program (at Craftsbury Elementary, Wolcott Elementary, and Hardwick Elementary) and at Lakeview Union, Woodbury Elementary, and Albany Community School.  

Middle + High School


Throughout the year at Craftsbury Academy, WonderArts brings in teaching artists to teach enrichment classes in a variety of topics. Students are able to cultivate technical and professional skills, explore their creativity, and develop tangible skills in collaboration with classmates.

As a Partner in Learning at Hazen Union, WonderArts helps students develop career awareness and build business and entrepreneurial skills through the weekly Career Cafe series. Every Friday local leaders and entrepreneurs give short presentations to students about the basics of business, including logistics to consider before starting a business, writing business plans, and best marketing practices.

NEK Kids on the Move


As of October 2018, NEK Kids on the Move has joined WonderArts to provide programming that emphasizes active movement, outdoor recreation and nutrition to build and develop the foundations for lifelong health and wellbeing. NEK Kids on the Move classes will be integrated at all levels of WonderArts youth programming to offer fun and accessible classes for youth in our community. Previous classes have included dance and movement, kickboxing, culinary arts and outdoor survival skills.

Interested in bringing a dynamic WonderArts class to your school program? Contact Skye Livingston at or (802) 533-9370.