The fundamental ingredient to collaboration is partnership. Throughout the course of the year WonderArts partners with funders, foundations, individuals, businesses, and organizations to support our work to strengthen and build community. What does it mean to be a partner? We believe that a partnership is a balance between two different but like-minded groups or people. Partnerships manifests in a variety of ways including programs, grants, generating ideas, volunteering, and collectively lifting our communities. 

Our Funding Partners

Funding Partners are foundations, grant makers, and towns who provide our organization with financial support that enables us to run programs at little to no cost, build capacity, serve a variety of audiences, and ensure that our work is relevant and poignant. There are a multitude of foundations that wish to remain anonymous. Thank you.

To find out more about becoming a funding partner, please contact Ceilidh Galloway-Kane at or (802) 533-9370.

Foundations, Grant Makers, & Towns

Craftsbury Community Fund, Hill Farmstead, Pleasants Fund, Schwab Charitable Fund, 

Stony Point Foundation, Town of Craftsbury, Town of Greensboro, and Town of Hardwick

Our Business Sponsors

Business Sponsors come in all shapes and sizes and offer their financial and in-kind support for our programs, events, and general operations. Business sponsorship is a great way to give back, reach new audiences, and connect with the community. 

To learn how your business can become a WonderArts sponsor, please contact Ceilidh Galloway-Kane at or at (802) 533-9370.

I wanted to sponsor the Dream, Girl event because I believe in women. I believe in the power of women to dream big!
— Joann Lacasse, Owner Greensboro Garage

Our Community Partners

Community Partners are other non-profit or aligned organizations that work with us to enhance, develop, and promote programs. On a daily basis WonderArts staff are conversing, planning, and working with a wide variety of community partners. The following are major partners in which we have co-hosted programs, facilitated events, and significantly worked with on a regular basis.

Interested in being a community partner? Contact Ceilidh Galloway-Kane at or (802) 533-9370.

Thank you!