Making A Mural for Greensboro Bend


On May 16th, the art room at Lakeview Union was a buzz from 8 am all the way until the end of the day. Students, kindergarten through 6th grade were all contributing to a 4 x 8 mural that they inspired. Teaching Artist Tara Goreau had taken drawings students made in a WonderArt class and composed a magical image that highlights the play, imagination, and curiosity of children. In February, WonderArts Executive Director Ceilidh Galloway - Kane visited each Lakeview art class to help students visually brainstorm what they loved about their community and what came to mind when they thought of Greensboro. Students were encouraged to fill the page with ideas. There were lakes, rivers, people, forests, mountains, unicorns, lots of animals and of course farms, the school, Willey’s, and more.

Mural artwork was awesome & Tara is amazing! Great day had by all! Fun experience for our school!”
— Jayne Donahue, Lakeview Union Art Teacher

The mural that Tara designed was sketched out for students to fill in and they did so with glee and focus. Not every animal fit into the painting but there was room for the unicorn!  This summer, the mural will be installed at the Greensboro Bend Park (next to the post office). Stay tuned for a celebration this fall.

The project was funded in part by the Greensboro Association.