Let's Talk Climate Change

WonderArts presented its second film in the In Focus Film series on February 20th. The series was developed by WonderArts in partnership with the Craftsbury Outdoor Center to engage the community in a conversation about Climate Change and what it means for the earth, people, and our communities. We welcomed over 20 people to a screening of Before the Flood, a documentary by National Geographic. The film is an exploration and look at how melting ice caps, rising oceans, and carbon emissions are changing the temperature and environment of our planet. If you are interested in watching the film it is available on Netflix as well as through Google Play and Amazon Prime. 

It’s a very serious issue and a very serious threat. But if you look through human history, human beings have done a pretty good job of getting off the railway track in time—saving themselves once they realize what’s going on. I’m optimistic that human rationality and common sense will prevail.

Now, we’ve gone from science to policymaking. And the next thing is to energize industry and entrepreneurs to come up with technical solutions: We can’t all turn out the lights and run our cars on chicken manure; that’s not going to cut it. It’s going to take technical innovation to get us out of trouble.
— Piers Sellers, Director of the NASA Earth Science Division

The film was followed by a full and heartening community conversation. Joel Rhodes, from SunCommon spoke about the work that the renewable industry and the state of Vermont are embarking on to directly address climate change. SunCommon provides free solar assessments for businesses and individuals as well as a variety of options to make the switch to renewable energy more accessible to all Vermonters, often with no money down. Joel discussed the ways that technology is changing to make solar energy more efficient, user-friendly, and sustainable. We also heard from many community members about their fear for the planet and our communities. The discussion touched on action steps, ideas, needs, and hopes for the future. What we all agreed on is that Climate Change needs to be addressed at all levels of our society starting right here in our community. 

We will be continuing the conversation on February 27th with a screening of Saving Snow at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center from 6:30 to 8:30