Annual WonderArts Holiday Market 

Saturday, December 7th, 2019

9:00 - 3:00

The Annual WonderArts Holiday Market is free and open to the public and features a variety of local art, crafts, body care products, festive items, and tasty treats from 50 vendors! Lunch options made by the Craftsbury General Store are available for purchase and a children’s table with fun crafts and a scavenger hunt can entertain kids while parents browse the shops. Be sure to check out the localvore lottery and Christmas tree raffle! Proceeds support the ongoing programs at WonderArts.


Vendor Registration

The date for the Holiday Market is based on the Craftsbury Academy athletics schedule and will be determined and announced in August. Vendor Registration opens on September 10th and is available on a first come, first served basis. Vendors are not officially registered until their payment is received. Once registration is full, a vendor waitlist will be utilized. Vendors who cancel their registration less than 3 weeks prior to the Holiday Market will not receive a refund unless a substitute vendor is found.

There are 2 options for booth sizes and vendors may only have one booth (no doubles). Large Booths are ideal for vendors who have a multi-table set up, while Medium Booths are perfect for vendors who use one table. Tables are not included but basic folding chairs are available. Most Large Booths are in the middle of the gym, while all Medium Booths are around the sides. There are limited outlets so vendors requiring electricity (particularly those with Large Booths) may need to bring a long extension cord and tape to secure it safely to the floor. We do our best to honor all requests for booth locations, proximity to other vendors, etc. but please note some requests may not be able to be accommodated.

Large Booth

         -9' wide, 9 ' deep

         -ideal for vendors who have multiple tables and/or have walls, backdrops or full-sized shelves

         -booths can be arranged in a U, V or L shape (that buyers walk into)

         -$40 Early Registration Fee / $50 Regular Registration Fee

Medium Booth

         -8' wide, 5' deep

         -perfect for vendors who use a single table for their set up (6' standard full sized folding table is ideal)

         -includes plenty of space for vendors to sit/stand and store items behind their table 

         -$30 Early Registration Fee / $40 Regular Registration Fee

WonderArts Raffle Donation

Each vendor is requested to donate a product or gift certificate (suggested value between $10 - $40) for our raffle on the day of the Holiday Market. This is a great way for buyers to see and get excited about your products and often leads to increased sales! 

Booth Set Up

Vendors will be able to set up booths during the following times:

---Friday evening (7:00 pm - 9:00 pm)

---Saturday morning (7:00 am - 9:00 am)

Please note: Booths must be completely set up by 9:00 am on Saturday.


- All vendors agree to represent their approved business only and no unapproved business in their booth.

- Vendors agree to adhere to the timeframe of the Holiday Market, including having their booth completely set up by 9:00 am on Saturday. After 3:00 pm, vendors will pack up their booths in a timely manner.

- Vendors agree to be familiar with and in compliance with State Law and Health Department Guidelines and Regulations.

- Each vendor will supply their own equipment and products for their booth, including tables, table covers, power strips, and extension cords. Basic folding chairs are available for use at the site.

- Vendors agree not to use any tacks or nails in the walls.

- Vendors agree not to play music of any kind during the show hours.

- Vendors agree to leave the area in the same condition that it was found. Vendors agree to remove all their trash from premises.

- Limits of Liability: WonderArts VT and the Craftsbury Academy will not be responsible for, or liable for, any loss, theft, damage or injury that may occur to property or persons of the exhibitors. Vendors agree to indemnify WonderArts VT and the Craftsbury Academy, against, and hold harmless for, any claim arising out of acts of negligence by vendors, their agents, or employees. WonderArts VT and the Craftsbury Academy shall not be responsible for personal articles left in the show area by vendors.

- All goods placed in the show will be at the risk of the vendor.

- Refund policy: Vendors who cancel their registration less than 3 weeks prior to the Holiday Market will not receive a refund unless a substitute vendor is found.

- Vendors agree to complete a survey at the end of the Holiday Market.

To register, please complete a Vendor Registration form via the link below. Registration opens on September 10th.

If you are unable to submit a form electronically, please contact Skye Livingston at or (802) 533-9370 to make other arrangements.

Questions? Or to be added to the potential vendor list, please contact Skye Livingston at or (802) 533-9370.