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We envision a vibrant and sustainable community that is supportive of the arts, education, and culture. We envision a community that has a strong sense of place and is active with varied outlets for recreation. We envision an integrated and multi-generational community that is welcoming to families and kids and where our elderly are able to age with dignity. We envision a community and a world where the wisdom needed to bridge barriers, and change lives for the better, begins with a sense of wonder.

Today, WonderArts brings people from diverse cultural, social, and economic backgrounds together through programming, enrichment, events, and community initiatives, for all ages (from zero to a hundred). Our work especially focuses on supporting the most vulnerable members of our community through programs that foster self-confidence, connection, community partnerships, and wellbeing. We are excited to share with you how our programs, opportunities, and initiatives continue to grow and serve the communities of Craftsbury, Greensboro, and the Northeast Kingdom.

As we look to the future, we are energized by the possibilities. Upcoming programs include free community meals and events, development of a creative incubator space to drive the local creative economy, preschool workshops, in-school programs, teen support, professional development for artists, and more.

Come join in our work, play, and dreams for today and the future!

Our dedicated WonderArts staff and board love their work in community. We are dedicated to providing high-quality, friendly, and fun programs and services. Connect with our staff & board today! 

Interested in serving on the board of a vibrant and growing nonprofit? Look no further! WonderArts is looking for community members interested in supporting our work. To find out more email naomi@wonderartsvt.org

We also welcome inquiries from job seekers looking to lead after school enrichment, run a fun program, or spend the summer as a camp counselor! Please, send a resume and letter of interest to jobs@wonderartsvt.org.

WonderArts Staff

WonderArts Board of Directors

WonderArts = Wonder & Wisdom + The Art House

We are thrilled to announce that Wonder & Wisdom and The Art House have taken an important and exciting step in each organization's history and merged to become WonderArts. We believe that by coming together we are able to offer more diverse, expansive, and creative opportunities to the communities of Craftsbury, Greensboro, Hardwick, and beyond. We continue to be dedicated to serving children, youth, adults, and families through the arts, recreation, nature, wonder, and life-long learning.

Coming together to cultivate CREATIVITY, COLLABORATION, AND CONVERSATION within our community.


The history of Wonder & Wisdom

Wonder & Wisdom was incorporated in 1998 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission to inspire lives and communities of purpose and meaning by providing intentional, innovative, learning opportunities in which people of all ages discover who they are and are encouraged to realize their full potential. The first Summer Journeys Camp Program launched in 1999 and was followed by the development of an afterschool program to serve Lakeview Elementary students.

Wonder & Wisdom's monthly enrichment program for area seniors started in 2000. Currently in its 19th year of operation, Wonder & Wisdom continues to focus on directly serving, and inspiring to greater service, the children, families, and seniors of Greensboro, Craftsbury, Hardwick, Stannard, and surrounding towns.

Our staff, board, volunteers, and interns collectively spark the inspiration for our families, collaborators, and communities to seek their highest future potential. Wonder & Wisdom has been sustained through the generous support of individual donors, funders, and sponsors.

Originally, it was conceived that the children would represent the “wonder” and the seniors the “wisdom.” It is clear now that joy and wonder can be found at any age, and that wisdom is often passed between children and seniors, who have an innate ability to see clearly all that is imaginable.


The history of The Art House

In 2009, the organization’s founders saw that local arts resources were greatly limited, for Craftsbury and Northeast Kingdom communities. This group established an initial mission: to cultivate the creativity and literary interests of youth and adults in the Northeast Kingdom while supporting the local economy.

This group created “The Common Place”, an umbrella organization which connected The Art House and Stardust Books and Cafe, on Craftsbury Common. As the organization developed the scope of class offerings and community events grew. In 2010, The Common Place became its own 501(c)3 Arts Non-Profit. In 2014, the organization changed its name to The Art House.

Since 2014, The Art House has built upon it’s mission and has provided programs in-school and after school in Albany, Craftsbury, Greensboro, Hardwick, and Wolcott. We have also run Summer Camps, adult enrichment classes, community projects, concerts, events, a Holiday Market, and more.


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We are dedicated to making our programs accessible and inclusive to all. If you have questions about program locations, specific needs, and questions please contact Carol Fairbank at

carol@wonderartsvt.org or call 802.533.9370. 

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